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TCC; Building Community Workshop #1 of the Leading Effective and Impactful Meetings Series

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Library Classroom 2-423
12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

The Teaching and Creativity Center is pleased to invite the College Community to Building Community, the first workshop in our Spring 2023 Leading Effective and Impactful Meetings Series.

The description for this 50 minute, interaction session is below:

Belonging matters. In the Building Community workshop, participants will consider how trust impacts collaboration while experiencing several community-building exercises. We will practice applying new moves to potential meeting scenarios. To close, participants will reflect on how to use what they learned in preparing and facilitating their own meetings. 

Building Community will be facilitated by trained Reflective Practice Group facilitators Elina Belyablya, Bill Horton and Angelique Johnston on Friday, February 10th and during Faculty Senate Professional Development Week June 5-8, 2023.

CONTACT: Terry Shamblin