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TCC Spring Conversation #1: Using Classroom Research to Inform Strength-Based Pedagogy

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12-201 (Brighton Campus) and on Zoom
12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

Students can struggle in courses for a host of reasons, many of which are out of the faculty member's control. However, when we closely examine our students' work, trends can emerge that provide faculty members with clues about where breakdowns in student thinking occur. We will provide you with two examples, in geology and physics, of how to identify pain points and re-connect student thought to what they already know. Applying a strength-based lens to examining student thinking deepens the opportunities for learning and improves student outcomes.  

Ben Schermerhorn (Engineering) and Amanda Colosimo (Geology, and interim TCC co-coordinator) are presenting.

This is a hybrid event, so participants can join in person (in 12-201 on the Brighton campus) or via Zoom. Join the Zoom through the button below.

All MCC faculty and staff are welcome!


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CONTACT: Amy Burtner
SPONSOR: Teaching and Creativity Center