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Free Speech and the Inclusive Campus: How Do We Foster the Campus Community We Want?

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12:30 pm - 01:45 pm

Join us for a deliberative dialogue on building a campus community that best reflects our core values. Current national divisiveness often pits important educational and social values like inclusion, diversity, and freedom of expression, against one another. Knowing this, how can we create a campus community that prioritizes student well-being and safety, affirms a commitment to intellectual curiosity and exploration, and upholds the ideals of free speech and expression? As deliberators, participants will share their experiences, evaluate the tradeoffs of potential options and actions, and learn from each other as they work collaboratively toward constructing a more inclusive campus community.

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2021 Campus Deliberations (3).pdf

SPONSOR: The Democracy Commitment at MCC, MCC Faculty Senate, AHPS, GEIS, PRISM