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MCC's Children's Show Audition: Alice in Cyberland

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Auditions for MCC's Spring 2021 Children's Show will be held March 9th and March 10th over Zoom. Students interested in auditioning should contact Heather Chang to set up an audition appointment. Prospective actors should prepare a 1-minute monologue suitable for children's theatre. This show will be rehearsed and performed entirely over Zoom. Performances will be livestreamed the week of May 10-14. Rehearsals will be held MTW from 3:30PM-6PM, and will begin March 29. Students who are cast will be enrolled in THE 190-101: Theatre Rehearsal and Performance and will receive 3 credits upon successful completion of the course.

Show Synopsis: Alice in Cyberland by Mark Landon Smith

"Alice in Cyberland brilliantly captures the nonsensical zaniness of Wonderland, transporting the fun to an online world.  Procrastinating on her homework, Alice falls asleep as she plays solitaire on her computer and is awoken by a white rabbit.  As the fuzzy bunny rushes off, the Cheshire Cat appears, informing Alice with a smile that she is now in Cyberland.  Alice learns that she must find the dreaded Queen of Hearts in order to learn the password that will allow her to regain control of her computer.  But everyone she meets along the way — a caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and a duchess — tells her that she doesn’t want to meet the Queen of Hearts!  When Alice finally encounters the Queen, her majesty accuses the visitor of stealing her password and puts her on trial in a most ridiculous manner. " (Pioneer Drama)

Contact Prof. Heather Chang to set up an audition appointment for March 9 OR March 10:

CONTACT: Heather Chang