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Youth and Opportunity: What Should We Do for Future Generations to Thrive?

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12:30 pm - 01:45 pm

Future generations will inherit a range of issues and challenges. Examples like economic insecurity and environmental crisis are just a pair of several. Compounding these issues and challenges is domestic gridlock and shifting trends in global politics. Join us for a deliberative dialogue on building a strong future for today’s youth. How can we ensure young people receive the skills needed for success, have access to equitable opportunities, and are economically secure? As deliberators, participants will share their experiences, evaluate the tradeoffs of potential options and actions, and learn from each other as they collaboratively think about constructing a future optimized for success and well-being.

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2021 Campus Deliberations (3).pdf

SPONSOR: The Democracy Commitment at MCC, MCC Faculty Senate, AHPS, GEIS, PRISM