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Yom HaShoah Commemoration

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R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center Atrium
09:30 am - 02:00 pm

29th annual Yom HaShoah Commemoration: Reflecting on the Past to Protect the Future

Join MCC’s Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project for its annual Holocaust day of commemoration.  The program’s opening ceremony begins at 9:30 am in the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center Atrium. Calling of Survivor names, candle lighting and the“I Told You, Now You Tell the World” photographic exhibit of local Survivors will be available throughout the day in the atrium.  

Thursday, April 25, 2019  •  9:30 am—2 pm
R. Thomas Flynn Campus Atrium
Parking available in Lot N.

The following local Holocaust Survivors will share their testimonies in Flynn Campus Center Forum (3-130). Classes are welcomed.

10am • Warren Heilbronner
Warren shares his vivid memories of Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass) while a child living in Germany.

11:30am • Helen Levinson
Helen experienced Majdanek concentration camp, escape, and living under an assumed name before relocating to Rochester and completing the dental hygiene program at MCC.

1pm • Maya Brown
A small child living in Russia during the Holocaust, Maya and her family fled through the Black Forest and eventually suffered through a post-war pogrom in Warsaw, Poland.

Thank you for considering these remembrance opportunities. Your presence at our commemoration will inspire others to remember the Holocaust and reflect on the importance of diversity within our community and world.

SPONSOR: Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project
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