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Second Year Faculty Series

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03:00 pm - 05:00 pm

The purpose of this series is to help pre-tenured faculty continue to strengthen instructional practice, and explore and develop college engagement. As colleagues, we understand what it’s like to be a faculty member. We are continually pulled in multiple directions, sometimes based on interest and others based on departmental priorities, contractual requirements or student needs.  The expectation that you will continually strive for teaching excellence and actively contribute to the college community can be overwhelming.  However, college engagement over the course of your MCC career is tied to tenure and promotion. This series will afford you the time, space and resources to begin to focus on your own professional direction. Participating in SYFS should feel like being a member in an active college-wide committee.

Participants will leave the series with new teaching theories, a general understanding of MCC’s structures, and deep understanding of an area of interest within the context of a supportive cohort.

To do this, we will…

  • Read Small Teaching to improve instruction and student learning
  • Implement research-based teaching techniques and reflect on the impact on student learning
  • Observe a colleague
  • Learn about the college structure and resources
  • Research an area of interest
CONTACT: Gena Merliss,
SPONSOR: Teaching and Creativity Center