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TCC Conversation on May 13: What, So What, Now What? Bandwidth Recovery Wrap-Up

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Zoom (see description for link to join the meeting)
12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

As we wrap-up our year with Bandwidth Recovery, it is important to take stock of how our thinking and our practice have changed. What did you try as a result of learning about cognitive bandwidth this year? How did it go?

For our final TCC conversation of 2019-20, we invite faculty and staff from across our campuses to join and reflect on our growth as a result of our work with Bandwidth Recovery. We will use a Reflective Practice Group protocol called "What, So What, Now What?" The purpose of this protocol is to boil down a success or dilemma to its essential elements, so that we can repeat the success in the future in other contexts and make concrete adjustments to the challenges.

Join us for this Zoom conversation on Wednesday, May 13, from 12:00-1:00 PM. Please be sure you are signed into Zoom with your official MCC Zoom account using the SSO (single sign on), and use this link to join the meeting.

All faculty and staff are welcome! We look forward to seeing you there!

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This event is designed to meet two of the goals of the Teaching and Creativity Center:

Create a supportive academic environment that meets individuals where they are, helps them improve, and recognizes teaching excellence.

  • The outcome associated with this goal is: Connecting with colleagues to build positive relationships centered around teaching and learning

Create a culture of critical reflection, continual growth, and faculty collaboration

  • The outcome associated with this goal is: Utilizing critical reflection and evaluation of teaching practice
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