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TCC: Spring semester is over - what did we learn?

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11:00 am - 12:00 pm

The spring transition happened so fast that we did not have time to process. We were in survival mode - making sure that we and our students made it through. Now that we have a chance to breathe, let's collaborate to share what we have learned. 

Join Betty Mandly (EDU/HUM) for a discussion about the spring semester. What worked? What completely flopped? What would you like to carry forward while teaching remotely? 

How have you changed as an educator?

Today, Wednesday 5/27 at 11 am:


Meeting ID: 979 4936 1843

Join the Teaching and Creativity Center through the month of June for conversations about teaching remotely. We will share best practices for student engagement, community building, and will explore assessment methods that do not require testing.

Have a topic you'd like to discuss? Please contact Gena Merliss:


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