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Purchasing at MCC – Plan, Process, Parameters, and Pitfalls

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Brighton Room
10:30 am - 11:30 am

New to the College? Or new to the Purchasing function for your area? Did you just receive grant funding and are now responsible for spending that money accordingly? Or do you just want a review of our procedures and an update on what is new?

Our internal process can be confusing. The laws, guidelines, and institutional policies regarding spending public funds, well, these can go way beyond confusing. On top of that, initiating purchase requisitions and tracking your expenditures in Self-Service Banner presents its own set of challenges.

This session will offer a wealth of tips and step-by-step directions for navigating the Purchasing Process here at MCC.

Just a few items we will touch on:

  • Overview of dollar threshold rules, SUNY-wide and College initiatives, sustainability mandates, what can impact how much we spend and with which vendors
  • Completing a Requisition in Self-Service without getting an error message
  • What information you can include in that Requisition and Back-up Documentation to send to Purchasing, what we need in order to move your purchase along
  • Doing a Budget Query in Self Service
  • Correct Use of Account Codes and understanding Account Pools or Grant Account Lines
  • Capital Equipment vs Contractual Supplies (Operating Funds or Grant Funds)
  • How to check if a Requisition has been Approved
  • What is the Difference between a Regular Order and a Blanket/Standing Order
  • What purchases require VP Approval
  • Office Supply Orders: Proftech/Staples tips, tricks, and guidelines
  • Invoices, Receiving Copies, Packing Slips – what’s the difference and who should end up with all this paperwork
  • Consultants and Guest Lecturers – how to navigate that process
  • Food Service Orders, Promotional Items, Name Badges, and much, much more….


SPONSOR: Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee