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A Basic Roadmap to Getting Started with OER

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Downtown Campus - 536
09:30 am - 10:00 am

This session aims to inspire faculty to consider Open Educational Resources (OER) by providing practical steps to adopting OER.  I will share my missteps, provide strategies for identifying OER resources, tips on evaluating content and aligning course outcomes. In additional, I will discuss Creative Commons (CC) features and OER Licenses. Finally, participants will leave with a list of MCC and SUNY personnel who are available to support faculty in OER course development. In the past, many of my students have shared with me the struggles they have faced getting their text books in time to complete their assignments during the first few weeks of class.  According to research done by Ethan Senack, “We’ve known for a long time that high textbook prices create a lose-lose choice for students. They can either spend hundreds of dollars to buy the textbooks, taking time away from studying to work extra hours to pay for their books, or they can go without the book and accept the consequences.” For these reasons, I participated in the SUNY/New York State Open Educational Resources (OER) Initiative.  As a result of our efforts, the cost of the textbook for my Introductory Management course dropped from $197.00 in 2017 to a very affordable $15.00 in the fall of 2018! Become an MCC OER Champion. You will be supported by faculty who have developed OER material, MCC staff and Open SUNY Personnel. 

SPONSOR: Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee