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Helping Students Balance Their Lives

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High Falls A - Downtown Campus
09:00 am - 09:30 am

The Balance Wheel is a simple, self-analysis tool that gives an estimated, easily calculated measurement of the state of a student’s well-being.  It is a visual representation that is comparable and adjustable. At many times in a student’s academic career, it may be beneficial for a student to look within, to assess how balanced their overall life is.  During the first part of this presentation, the students’ well-being will be assessed in eight ategories. The categories are mental state, attitude, health, social, financial, relationship, academic, and contribution.  Once complete, the student can decide which area(s) of their life they may want to improve.  Also, the resulting design of the entire wheel is a symbol of the student’s overall well-being. This assessment would be appropriate to present at the beginning of the semester.  The second part of the presentation will show participants how to adjust the categories on The Balance Wheel so that it could be used for a course they will be teaching.  Two possible approaches would be to have the categories represent desired behaviors for the course, such as attendance, assignment completeness, helping others, acceptable cell phone usage, and respect for others.  Another approach could be to have the categories represent the skills required to succeed in the course.  For example, for a math course, competency in basic skills such as operations using integers or fractions. A template will be provided for customizing The Balance Wheel with instructions for using it.

SPONSOR: Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee