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June 2022 Teaching & Learning Conference

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High Falls A&B; remote option for those unable to attend in person
08:30 am - 02:00 pm

Teaching From and Through Love (Yes, Love!)

Extending the Teaching and Creativity Center's Theme for 2021-22, Pedagogies of Care, and last year’s theme of Committing to Equity-Minded Pedagogy, this interactive workshop is based on the premise that love serves as an essential--and practical--guidepost for teaching in all disciplines. Dr. Isis Artze-Vega will draw on two current projects (a student guide to relationship-rich education and a faculty guide to equity-minded teaching) to highlight connections among love, care, relationships, and equity.  

Given the inextricable association between equity and instructors’ identities, participants will be guided through a brief process of reflection on various facets of their social identities. Because building trust is a foundational competency in equity-minded teaching, hands-on activities will introduce practical strategies for establishing rapport with students and securing (and maintaining) their trust. Through guided roundtable discussions, participants will collaboratively workshop how to transfer these strategies to their MCC contexts. 


8:30-9:00: Registration and breakfast 

9:00-9:15: Welcomes and Opening Statements 

9:15-12:15: Dr. Isis Artze-Vega  

12:15-1:00: Lunch 

1:00-2:00: Cohort chats  


Registration required by June 1

**You will be asked to choose in-person attendance or remote. The food order is based on those attending in person, so we must have a firm commitment from you about that.**

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CONTACT: Amy Burtner
SPONSOR: Teaching and Creativity Center