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Deliberative Dialogue: Response to War in Ukraine

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Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County
06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Join us for a National Issues Forum deliberative dialogue on how the United States should respond to the War in Ukraine.

Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County 

June 22, 6pm-8pm

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On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine. Since the invasion, thousands have died, with millions more uprooted and forced to flee their homes. The impact of this war has been felt globally, including right here in Monroe County, New York. To advance the conversation about this war in our community, the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County, The Democracy Commitment at Monroe Community College, and MCC’s Office of Global Education and International Services, are hosting a deliberative dialogue on how the United States can best respond to the current war in Ukraine.

The dialogue will discuss three possible options and associated actions: Minimal Intervention, Continued Sanctions and Diplomacy, and Military Intervention. Attendees will collaboratively evaluate the issue and have the opportunity to consider the drawbacks and trade-offs associated with each option and associated actions. If the war is resolved or there are major changes to the status quo in advance of the dialogue, we will discuss America’s commitment and obligations to the international community.

What is a deliberative dialogue? Deliberative dialogues are unique opportunities to engage in collaborative thinking about pressing public issues. Because each dialogue takes the form of deliberation, attendees drive the conversation in small groups facilitated by trained moderators. Deliberation is unlike the panel discussions or debates we are accustomed to in American politics, as it is highly participatory, egalitarian, and non-adversarial. Overall, deliberation promotes the listening and talking necessary to have difficult conversations in a democratic society.

CONTACT: Christina Lee
SPONSOR: MCC's Democracy Committment, GEIS, and the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County
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