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POSTPONED: TCC: Fall Conversation #1 -- A 'Talk to Teachers' with Prof. Tokeya Graham

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12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this presentation is postponed until Tuesday, September 15, at noon. The same Zoom link will be used.

Educators have always been at the forefront of societal change and social justice activism. Considering this, it is no surprise that learning environments can be mirrors, windows, and doors: each offering tools for reflection and growth. In a rapidly changing world focused on systemic change, how can educators do the internal work to bring about needed change? How do educators operate as allies/co-conspirators in this work?

Join Professor Tokeya C. Graham of the English/Philosophy department for a text-based conversation on James Baldwin's "A Talk to Teachers" (PDF) and Cia Verschelden's "The Paradoxes of Allyship" (link). We will examine these questions and many more for an interactive, provocative conversation.

**Please come having read both short articles ahead of time (see the links above). Just as you know from your own experiences as an educator, discussion and learning will be richer when those participating are prepared.**

All faculty and staff are welcome.

Questions or comments? Please contact Amy Burtner (


This event, the first of three Conversations this fall, is designed to meet the following goals of the Teaching and Creativity Center:

  • Create a culture of critical reflection, continual growth, and faculty collaboration
  • Value our diversity and promote inclusivity

The particular outcomes for this conversation are for participants to make progress towards:

  • Utilizing critical reflection and evaluation of teaching practice,
  • Identifying one's own cultural bias, and
  • Expanding an understanding of equity and inclusion


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SPONSOR: Teaching and Creativity Center