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TCC Fall Conversation #1: What Just Happened? Lessons Learned in a Global Pandemic

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12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

The TCC's Conversations Series this year is centered around our theme of Pedagogies of Care. Please join us for the first one, What Just Happened? Lessons Learned in a Global Pandemicfacilitated by Donna Burke and Amanda Colosimo.

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly all aspects of our lives, the magnitude of which we are only beginning to understand. It has been regularly frustrating, anxiety-inducing, and often heartbreaking. We have seen our loved ones and our students grapple with issues related to employment, security, health, grief, and education, to name but a few.

But what if it is also wrought with opportunities?

We have individually learned so much in the past 18 months about communicating, educating, and our own health. What have we collectively learned that is worth keeping as we move forward in our lives and our careers? What are we never doing again? How can we facilitate a learning environment that is compassionate, equitable, and still rigorous? How can we assist students in essential self-care, and how can we commit to it ourselves?

Bring a lunch or cup of coffee and join us for this important conversation.

All faculty and staff are welcome!


This event is designed to address the following goals and outcomes of the Teaching and Creativity Center's programming:

  • Goal 1: Create a supportive academic environment that meets individuals where they are, helps them improve, and recognizes teaching excellence
    • Outcome: Connecting with colleagues to build positive relationships centered around teaching and learning 
  • Goal 2: Create a culture of critical reflection, continual growth, and faculty collaboration
    • Outcome: Facilitating students’ development of personal and professional virtues 

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CONTACT: Amy Burtner
SPONSOR: Teaching and Creativity Center