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TCC: Fall Conversation #2 – “What, Exactly, Is Equity, and What Does 'Equity-Mindedness' Mean?”

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On Zoom [link is elsewhere in the post]
12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

Please join us on Friday, October 23, from 12:00-1:00 PM, to participate in a ‘flipped classroom’-style conversation based on some learning to do ahead of time. Christina Lee (Global Education & International Services) will facilitate.

Rather than simply talk at you, then, we are asking that you come to the Oct. 23 Conversation prepared, having done some homework. This work is a free, self-paced, mini-course offered by the Equity Literacy Institute founded by Paul Gorski: “Understanding Equity and Inequity (or, What the Heck-uity is Equity?)” [You will need to register with the Institute to begin the mini-course.]

Completing this mini-course on your own time will ensure that our time together is one where everyone is more or less on the same page concept-wise so that we can engage in active conversation, and apply those concepts to our own situations here at MCC.

This Zoom session will not be recorded. Please keep that in mind if something else that will be recorded happens to be scheduled at the same time. Materials and additional resources will, however, be placed into a folder inside the TCC’s Bb space, and we will promote additional professional development opportunities (both in mini- and full-course format) throughout this academic year.

All faculty and professional staff are welcome. Use this link to join the session.

**To ensure you can get into the Zoom without login problems, please first verify that you are logged into Zoom through the single sign-on MCC account portal. If you are not, or if you have no idea if you are, go to


This event, the second in our series Committing to Equity-Minded Pedagogy, is designed to meet the following goals of the Teaching and Creativity Center:

  • Support the scholarship of teaching & learning for all
  • Value our diversity and promote inclusivity

The particular outcomes for this conversation are for participants to make progress towards:

  • Integrating scholarship/research into one’s teaching (whether in general or specific to discipline)
  • Expanding an understanding of equity and inclusion
  • Expanding awareness of student challenges and needs in order to provide a supportive, inclusive academic environment

Click here to join the Zoom meeting

CONTACT: Amy Burtner
SPONSOR: Teaching and Creativity Center