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TCC Fall Conversation #3 - "Education Myths That Prevent Equity"

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Zoom [see listing for the link]
12:30 pm - 01:30 pm

As educators, we tend to assess our students in ways that we believe are impartial and accurately  measure our students’ investment in the class. This presentation will explore how our traditional meritocratic model of education perpetuates systemic racial inequality. We will be unpacking the ideologies that reproduce the status quo and exploring how we can combat colorblind racism, implicit bias, and deficit thinking in our classrooms and our institutional policies.

Prof. Natasha Chen Christensen [Sociology] will lead the session. All faculty and professional staff are welcome.

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This is the third Conversation in our Committing to Equity-Minded Pedagogy series.

CONTACT: Amy Burtner
SPONSOR: Teaching and Creativity Center