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Open Office Hours with Dr. Douglas

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via Zoom
03:30 pm - 05:00 pm

In light of last week's election results, we know there is understandable consternation and uncertainty among members of the MCC community. MCC is proud of being a diverse and welcoming place for students, faculty, and staff with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Diversity is central to our mission. We remain absolutely committed to supporting all members of our community and adhering to MCC's core values and mission.

We welcome all to reflect on the outcome and to constructively share thoughts, views and ideas. At the same time, we must continue to respect members of our community and celebrate our diversity. We affirm our commitment to the free exchange of ideas and points of view by all.

Interim President Dr. Kate Douglas invites members of the MCC community to speak with her via Zoom during open office hours.

This opportunity will feature one-on-one sessions lasting approximately 5 minutes each. Please open the attached file for instructions on how to log in. No appointment is necessary.

Open Office Hours Nov132020.pdf

CONTACT: Office of the President
SPONSOR: Office of the President
RSVP: No appointment necessary