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Online Reading Group: Institutional Structures and Processes

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Join the Teaching and Creativity Center (TCC) as we collectively read Bandwidth Recovery: Helping Students Reclaim Cognitive Resources Lost to Racism, Poverty and Social Marginalization, by Cia Vershelden. Visit our website to learn more about this year’s theme.

Join Renee Dimino for an online reading group. New questions will be posted in online discussions relating to each section of the book based on the following schedule:

Introduction and Part 1: The Cost of Racism, Poverty, and Social Marginalization

Physical Health pages 1-19

October 14 - October 25

Mental Health pages 19-22

October 28 - November 8

Human Capacity pages 23-25

November 11 - November 22

Loss of Cognitive Resources and Bandwidth pages 26-30

December 2 - December 13

Part 2: Sociopsychological Underminers

Microaggressions and "Modern Racism" pages 31-38

January 13 - January 24

Stereotype Threat pages 39-42

January 27 - February 7

Disidentification with Academic Self pages 43-44

February 10 - February 28

Belongingness Uncertainty pages 45-50

March 2 - March 13

Focus on LGBT Students pages 51-58

March 16 - March 27

Part Three: Interventions that Mitigate the Negative Effects of Poverty and the Underminers and Conclusion

Growth Mind-set pages 59-78

March 30 - April 17

Belonging pages 79-98

April 20 - May 1

Decreasing Stereotype Threat and Identity Threat pages 99-107

May 4 - May 15

Institutional Structures and Processes pages 108-113

May 18 - May 29

Case Study and Conclusion pages 114-121

June 1 - June 12

If you are interested in joining a book group but prefer to meet in person, consider joining Meghan Glaser's and Gena Merliss' Friday's for lunch or Renee Coleman and Mark Sample’s Wednesday’s at 2 pm.

Mark your calendars for the TCC's annual Teaching and Learning Conference, 6/5. We will welcome author Cia Verschelden to cap our year with Bandwidth Recovery

CONTACT: Renee Dimino
SPONSOR: Gena Merliss