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Final Reminder: Dr. Jorge J.E. Gracia to give 30th Annual McMurry Lecture 11/11/11

A reminder to please join us on Friday (11/11/11) at College Hour (8-300) for the 30th Annual McMurry Lecture.

This year the English/Philosophy Department are proud to present Dr. Jorge J.E. Gracia, the Samuel M. Capen Chair in the Departments of Philosophy and Comparative Literature at SUNY Buffalo.

Professor Gracia will present a lecture entitled “Forging People:  Race, Ethnicity and Nationality in Hispanic American and Latino Thought”

Professor Gracia is a gifted teacher and scholar with wide ranging interests and specializations, including Metaphysics, Philosophical Historiography, Philosophy of Language, Ethnicity/Race/Nationality, Medieval Philosophy and Hispanic/Latino/Latin-American Philosophy.

An internationally recognized scholar whose work has been recognized by many professional philosophical associations and organizations, including having received the Aquinas Medal in 2011 from the American Catholic Philosophical Association, a National Endowment for the Humanities Research Fellowship, and the John N. Findlay Prize in Metaphysics from the Metaphysical Society of America in 1992, Dr. Gracia has also served as the Director of the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute (2004-2006).  Professor Gracia sits on editorial boards of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, Medievalia, and many others. 

Author of over 200 articles and books, his most recent work is Painting Borges:  Philosophy Interpreting Art Interpreting Literature, forthcoming 2012, published by SUNY Press.

Matthew Hachee