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Participate in the Daylight Hour global initiative

The facilities group in conjunction with MCC’s Sustainability Committee would like to invite you to participate in the Daylight Hour global initiative. 

“On June 17, 2016, offices all over the world will turn off the lights in day-lit spaces for one hour to raise awareness about the role daylight can play in lighting our offices and reducing our environmental footprint. “

This Friday please make an effort to turn off lights in any spaces receiving natural sunlight for at least one hour from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (or more!).  For more information please feel free to visit <> .  MCC is registered as a participant so the more people we have helping us with this effort the better. 

Also note, as this is a global campaign it is not scheduled on the most ideal day for us.  With this in mind we are currently working with SUNY administration to envision a similar initiative just for SUNY so that we could schedule it for a more opportune time and have an even greater impact. 


Travis C. Sleight

Energy Manager - Facilities Engineering



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Travis Sleight