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AAD - Applied Art and Design
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ACC - Accounting
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ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency
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AFS - African American Studies
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AGS - Agricultural Studies
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ANT - Anthropology
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ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language
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ART - Art
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ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language
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ATP - Automotive Technology
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BIO - Biology
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BUS - Business
BUS 104 - Introduction to Business
An introductory study of business including organizational forms, the function of production, finance, marketing and human resources. Additional topics will be environmental factors which impact business such as government business ethics and current business issues. 3 Credits.
BUS 110 - Entrepreneurial Studies I
First of two small business courses designed for those interested in learning how to start and manage a small business. It begins by defining and explaining the nature of small business in today's economy and entrepreneurs in the context of the free enterprise system. The topics include small business opportunities, legal forms of ownership, franchising, starting a new venture, sources of financing, developing marketing strategies and human resource management. Students will also learn the key components of a business plan, review case studies, and undertake a major project. 3 Credits.
BUS 135 - Supervising for the 21st Century
This course is designed to teach supervisors the concepts and skills they need to manage work and lead people in a diverse workforce. Its emphasis is on planning, problem-solving, communication, decision making, and employee motivation skills through the practical application of these concepts. It includes practice in hiring, training, performance appraisal, meetings, time management, and compliance with government regulations for equal opportunity, safety, and health. 3 Credits.
BUS 201 - Business Law I
A study of legal principles applied to business transactions. Topics covered include: contracts, criminal law and business, business torts, court systems, and commercial paper. This course is required for A.S. students in Business Administration and A.S. students in International Business. 3 Credits.
BUS 202 - Business Law II
A continuation of BUS 201 of the study of legal principles applied to business transactions. Topics covered include: corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, agency, franchises, bankruptcy, real property, personal property, sales, and secured transactions. 3 Credits.
BUS 204 - Management: Theory and Practice
A study of the theories and practices that are used in the organization and management of profit and non-profit business and institutions. Topics will include planning, decision making, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: BUS 104 with a grade of C or higher
BUS 207 - Human Resources Management
An introduction to the principles, practices, and techniques used in the development and implementation of an effective Human Resources/Personnel Management program. The course includes a discussion of employment, training, compensation, labor relations, health and safety and federal laws governing human resource management. 3 Credits.
BUS 208 - Organizational Behavior
Organizational behavior provides a conceptual and experiential basis for motivating and coordinating people to manage change in organizations. This course is intended for those who want to develop the tools for understanding, analyzing and changing the work behaviors of individuals and groups in an increasingly diverse workforce. It will use a combination of exercises, self-assessment techniques, cases and role plays to develop insights that facilitate self-knowledge and teamwork in a dynamic global environment. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: BUS 104 with a C or higher
BUS 210 - Entrepreneurial Studies II
Second of two courses designed for those interested in learning how to start and manage a small business. It builds on the preceding course concerning the establishment of the small business and deals with management of the on-going venture. This course takes a functional approach to managing the small business through a discussion of more advanced topics including entrepreneurial characteristics, financial planning and control, business operations, risk management, regulations, business valuation and succession issues, and other current topics. Students will develop a business plan. Course offered during the Spring only during the evening. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: BUS 110 with a grade of C or higher, or permission of the instructor.
BUS 220 - Applied Business Applications
A case study approach to the use of office productivity software to solve business problems and manage business processes. Emphasis will be on the use of spreadsheet and database applications to analyze data. Word processing and presentation software will be used to document and present solutions. Several major projects will be assigned to be completed outside of class. Students will integrate skills from all four applications to develop and present a business proposal based on a business case study. Additional course topics include file management, an introduction to major computer hardware components, system and application software, and network technologies. This course requires the use of the Windows version of Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Access, which is not available for the Macintosh version of Office. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: BUS 104 with a grade of C or higher
BUS 250 - International Management and Marketing
This seminar has been designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the processes, procedures and challenges that arise in conducting business across national borders. Representatives from business or government involved in international trade will be invited to present information and conduct a discussion in various areas of international business expertise. This course is intended for students who are in the last semester of the degree program. 3 Credits.

Prerequisites: BUS 104, MAR 200, ECO 111, ECO 112, ACC 101, ENG 101, Three credits of foreign language, SOC 150 and GEG 211 or permission of instructor. SOC 150 and GEG 211 can be taken concurrently. Students in business programs other than International Business are not required to have the foreign language, SOC 150 and GEG 211 prerequisites for this course. Please contact the course instructor or department chair before registering for the course to discuss course expectations..
BUS 275 - Business Cooperative Education
This experiential education course provides the student with an opportunity to apply their academic learning in an appropriate co-op or internship experience. Students work a minimum of 90* hours throughout the semester in a career-related position, while also participating in coursework intended to support the job experience. Students may access the resources of the Office of Career Services to help them secure a suitable position. This course is for students in the Accounting, Entrepreneurial Studies, and Computer Information Systems A.A.S. degree programs and is intended to be taken during the student’s final semester before graduation. *The work hour requirement is current as of publication of this catalog. 4 Credits.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum of 45 credit hours earned toward an Accounting, Entrepreneurial Studies, or Computer Information Systems A.A.S. degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher AND a review of job placement by the Office of Career Services. The student’s enrollment into the course is processed by the Office of Career Services.
BUS 290 - Independent Study
See the Department Chairperson. Variable Credit.
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CDL - Interdisciplinary
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CE - Cooperative Education-Disney World
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CE - Hospitality
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CEL - Leadership
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CHE - Chemistry