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2+2 Transfer Pathway Guides

2+2 with SUNY Fredonia

B.A./B.S. Mathematics (MC40)

MCC Degree Awarded:

Mathematics A.S. (MC02)

Please note that some courses required in a 2+2 Transfer Pathway may not be required for the MCC program. This could have financial aid implications. Students should meet with their department or with a transfer counselor to discuss an academic plan and recommended sequence of courses.

Distribution Requirements
Credit Hours
FIRST SEMESTER: 16-17 Credit Hours
MTH 210 - Calculus I
ENG 101 College Composition OR ENG 200 Advanced Composition
SUNY SS Elective*
SUNY-A Elective* OR SUNY-FL Elective*
Open Elective*
First Semester Total:
SECOND SEMESTER: 16-17 Credit Hours
MTH 211 - Calculus II
MTH 220 - Discrete Mathematics
PHL 101 - Introduction to Philosophy - WR OR PHL 103 - Introduction to Ethics - WR OR PHL 105 - Technology and Values - GR - WR
SUNY-OWC Elective* OR SUNY-WC Elective*
Open Elective*
Second Semester Total:
THIRD SEMESTER: 15 Credit Hours
MTH 212 - Calculus III
SUNY-NS Elective Required for 2+2 MC40 Choose CHE 151 or PHY 161 (must choose CHE or PHY sequence)
MCC-HW Elective* (Could be 2-credits if student can complete the minimum 60 credits for graduation)
Open Elective Required for 2+2 MC40 MTH 225
Third Semester Total:
FOURTH SEMESTER: 15-16 Credit Hours
MTH 230 - Linear Algebra (only offered in Spring and Summer semesters)
SUNY-NS Elective Required for 2+2 MC40 Choose CHE 152 or PHY 261 (must choose CHE or PHY sequence)
MCC-TL Elective Required for 2+2 MC40 CSC 101
Open Elective*#
3 4
Fourth Semester Total:
Additional Program Information:
*When choosing SUNY Elective, MCC Elective and Open Elective courses refer to SUNY General Education Courses: AND
MCC General Education Courses:
# IMPORTANT NOTE: The 3-credit Open Elective in Semester 4 may not be necessary if the student has already completed three 4-credit electives and has the minimum 12 credits of electives required for the program. If this is the case, please see your advisor for waiver.

NOTE: Students who have met 7/10/30 SUNY Gen Ed courses as indicated on their GETA will have satisfied the Fredonia Foundations general education requirement.
NOTE: Math majors are encouraged to take additional courses in computer science consistent with their career and educational goals.

NOTE: Beginning Fall 2021, students may apply a maximum of 60 transfer credits at the lower division (Fredonia equivalent courses at the 100/200 level towards their baccalaureate degree). Students may apply an additional 15 credits at the upper division (Fredonia equivalent courses at the 300/400 level towards their baccalaureate degree).

NOTE: AP, IB, CLEP, HIGH SCHOOL DUAL CREDIT COURSES, ONLINE COURSES: Credits showing as accepted at MCC may not be transferable. Students should meet with a representative of the four year college or the MCC Advisement and Transfer Services to determine if those credits are transferable.

2.0 GPA required for continuation at Fredonia in the Mathematics major. (Must have required GPA at time of application and upon recomputation of applicable coursework).
B.A./B.S. Mathematics:

REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL Fredonia 2+2 PROGRAMS: Matriculated, Continuous, Full Time Enrollment (12 or more credit hours).
The Mathematics A.S. (MC02) will be the degree student is audited against and awarded from MCC.
Documentation source: MCC Advisement & Transfer Services 2020-2021.