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2+2 Transfer Pathway Guides

2+2 with SUNY Brockport

B.S. Childhood Inclusive Education (EC50)

MCC Degree Awarded:

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) A.S. (EC03)

Please note that some courses required in a 2+2 Transfer Pathway may not be required for the MCC program. This could have financial aid implications. Students should meet with their department or with a transfer counselor to discuss an academic plan and recommended sequence of courses.

FIRST SEMESTER: 16 credits
3 ENG 101 or 200 College Composition or
Advanced Composition

Completion of ENG 200 fulfills the writing requirement at SUNY Brockport.

American Sign Language (ASL) can be taken to fulfill the SUNY-FL requirement.
3 PSY 101 Introduction to Psychological Science
1 EDU 100 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
3 MTH 155 Mathematics for Elementary Education Teachers I
3 SUNY-FL+ SUNY Foreign Language
3 HED 116 + Issues in Child Development and Health
3 EDU 200 # Foundations of Education
3 PSY 201 + Developmental Psychology - Child
3 MTH 156 Mathematics for Elementary Education Teachers I
3 SUNY-FL + SUNY Foreign Language (Choose second level of same language)
4 SUNY-NS SCI 131 Integrated Science for Future Teachers I
THIRD SEMESTER: 18 credits
3 EDU 208 # Guided Observation in Education If necessary: MTH 150 (= Brockport MTH 112) and MTH 160 (= Brockport MTH  243) can be taken. Students will then take Math for Elementary Education Teachers MTH I and II at SUNY Brockport. BIO 133 can be taken in place of SCI 132. See Department Chairperson for substitution.
3 HIS 111 OR 112 United States History I to 1865 or United States History II since 1865
2 EDU 125 Technology in Education
4 ELECTIVE SCI 132 Integrated Science for Future Teachers II
3 ELECTIVE MTH 160 Statistics I
3 MCC-SCI ECO 101 Introduction to Economics or ECO 111 Microeconomics
3 EDU 230 # Introduction to Special Education # Grade of 'C+' or higher required by Brockport.

ENG 213 is preferred.
3 ELECTIVE HIS 111 United States History I to 1865 or HIS 112 United States History II since 1865 or HIS 109 Global History I
3 SUNY-A OR SUNY-H ENG 213 Creative Writing or EDU 150 Performance and Presentation Skills for Educators
3 ELECTIVE GEG 101 & GEG 100 or
GEO 101 or
BIO 116
3 SUNY-H ENG 215 Children’s Literature
# Education courses (EDI prefix for Brockport) require a grade of C+ or higher.

+ PSH 384 (PSY 201 at MCC), PRO 370 (HED 116 at MCC), and Foreign Language courses require a grade of C or higher.

Students entering the Bilingual Multicultural track must demonstrate preparation for entry into Spanish coursework at the 112 (or higher) level.


Credits showing as accepted at MCC may not be transferable. See
SUNY Brockport Equivalencies. Contact Brockport with questions.
Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher is advised for acceptance to SUNY Brockport.

For the Education program, transfer students must meet at least one of the following admissions criteria:

High School GPA of a B or better OR
High School Rank in top 30% OR
SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math) ≥ 1140 OR
ACT ≥ 24 OR
Transfer GPA ≥ 3.0 based on at least 12 credits OR
Brockport GPA ≥ 3.0 based on at least 12 credits

Cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for MCC graduation.

Liberal Arts and Sciences - Childhood Education Teacher Education Transfer A.S. (EC03) will be the degree student is audited against and awarded from MCC.
Documentation Source: 2021-2022 Advisement and Transfer Services.

Updated 9/2021

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