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2+2 Transfer Pathway Guides

2+2 with SUNY Brockport

B.S. Kinesiology, B.S. Teacher Education (PE30)

MCC Degree Awarded:

Physical Education & Exercise Science Studies A.S. (PE01)

Please note that some courses required in a 2+2 Transfer Pathway may not be required for the MCC program. This could have financial aid implications. Students should meet with their department or with a transfer counselor to discuss an academic plan and recommended sequence of courses.

Distribution Requirements
Credit Hours
FIRST SEMESTER: 16 Credit Hours
PPE 100 - Introduction to Sport Science (Fall only in the classroom. All semesters online)
PPE 175 - Philosophy and Principles of Physical Education and Athletics-WR (= to Brockport PEP 363) (Fall only in the classroom. All semesters online)
PPE 106 - Individual Sports (= to Brockport PES 226) OR PPE 120 - Team Sports (= to Brockport PES 228)
PPE 150 - Adventure Bound (= to Brockport PEP 202)
ENG 101 - College Composition OR ENG 200 - Advanced Composition
First Semester Total:
SECOND SEMESTER: 15-16 Credit Hours
PPE 106 - Individual Sports (= to Brockport PES 226) OR PPE 120 - Team Sports (= to Brockport PES 228)
PPE 214 - Early Childhood Physical Education (= to Brockport PEP Elective) (Spring only)
PPE 240 - Selected Topics: Theories of Presentation (Spring only)
BIO 134 - Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology I#
MTH 160 – Statistics I or higher
Second Semester Total:
THIRD SEMESTER: 17 Credit Hours
PPE 213 - Gymnastics Theories and Practices (= to Brockport PEP 206) (Fall only)
PPE 208 - Sport, Exercise and Wellness Psychology-WR (= to Brockport PES 430)
BIO 135 - Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology II#
ENG 105 - Introduction to Literature
SUNY-OWC Elective* or SUNY WC-Elective*
Program Elective**
Third Semester Total:
FOURTH SEMESTER: 16 Credit Hours
PPE 179 - Lifeguarding (= to Brockport PEP 282) (Spring only)
PPE 245 - Dance Methods and Techniques for Physical Studies Majors (= to Brockport PEP 201) (Spring only)
PPE 275 - Physiology of Exercise-WR (= to Brockport PES 335) (Spring and Summer online only)
HIS 211 - History of Sport in the United States - WR
Any SUNY GER Elective*
Program Elective***
Fourth Semester Total:
Additional Program Information:
* When choosing SUNY Elective courses, refer to SUNY General Education Courses: AND the following major requirements:
Kinesiology majors
: take OWC or WC based on Third Semester SUNY OWC or WC choice
Teacher Education majors:
Take PSY 101 (SUNY Social Science).
It is recommended students take one of the following MCC courses to meet The College at Brockport "Perspectives on Gender" requirement: ART 240, ENG 204/217, HIS 200, PPE 271, POS 205, PSY 150, SBS 125, SOC 201/211.

**Program Elective 3rd semester: Choose from PPE 155, 170, 211, 271 (PPE 271 needs department substitution); SMT 215. PPE 170 = Brkprt PEP 379. SMT 215 = Brkprt PEP Elective. The Physical Education Studies Department Chair will approve course substitutions.

*** Program Elective 4th semester:
Kinesiology majors;
Take one "Perspectives on Gender" from courses listed above.
Teacher Education majors;
Complete the Foreign Language requirement (see below for further information).
If already completed through high school course work, then take one "Perspectives on Gender" from courses listed above.

#BIO 134 and BIO 135 or BIO 144 and BIO 145 will transfer to meet program course requirements for both the Kinesiology and PETE majors at Brockport. See Department Chair for substitutions if taking BIO 144 & BIO 145.

Two sequential semesters of college level Foreign Language study or its equivalent, including American Sign Language (ASL) is required for Teacher Certification. #CPR Certification is required for all physical education students.
Within the Physical Education program, there are two opportunities to achieve professional fitness certification. Successful completion of PPE 100 will allow students to be eligible to take the Physical Fitness Specialist certification exam by the Cooper Institute. After successful completion of the entire Physical Education program, students are eligible to take the American College of Sports Medicine Health/Fitness Instructor certification exam.

A GPA of 2.0 is required for completion and graduation in this MCC 2+2 major.

B.S. PETE (Physical Education Teacher Education): 

Requirements for all Brockport 2+2 Programs:
Matriculated, Continuous, Full Time Enrollment (12 or more credit hours)
The Physical Education & Exercise Science A.S. PE01 will be the degree student is audited against and awarded from MCC. Documentation source: MCC Advisement & Transfer Services 2020-2021.

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