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2+2 Transfer Pathway Guides

2+2 with SUNY Brockport

B.A./B.S. Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education Program Certification with Middle School Extension (EA50)

MCC Degree Awarded:

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education (Teacher Education Transfer) A.S. (EA03)

Please note that some courses required in a 2+2 Transfer Pathway may not be required for the MCC program. This could have financial aid implications. Students should meet with their advisor or with a transfer representative to discuss an academic plan and recommended sequence of courses.
2+2SheetMajor Listing Sheet

Make sure to view the Major Listing Sheet tab above.

FIRST SEMESTER 16 credits:
ENG 101
ENG 200
College Composition

Advanced Composition

Click on hyperlinks for course options.

* MTH 150 is not an appropriate mathematics course for students pursuing teacher certification in the mathematics/science/technology field. Students should consult with an advisor for selection of proper mathematics placement and subsequent course work.

** A two semester sequence of college level study or its equivalent is required. American Sign Language (ASL) is accepted.
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychological Science
EDU 100 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
SUNY - M MTH 150 Survey of Mathematics or higher *
SUNY - FL SUNY Foreign Language **
HED 116 Issues in Child Development and Health
EDU 200 Foundations of Education # # Grade of 'C+' or higher required by Brockport.

+ See Major Listing Sheet for required courses for the following majors:
Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, English Literature, Math, Physics, Social Studies. Make sure to review this when choosing courses for any electives or general education courses.
PSY 202 Developmental Psychology - Adolescence #
Concentration Elective +
SUNY - FL SUNY Foreign Language ** (Choose next level of same language)
THIRD SEMESTER 15 – 18 credits:
EDU 208 Guided Observation in Education Volunteer or work experience with children prior to program admission is strongly advised.


Credits showing as accepted at MCC may not be transferable. See
SUNY Brockport Equivalencies. Contact Brockport with questions.
SUNY - H Choose an English Literature course from list
EDU 125 Technology in Education
SUNY - NS SUNY Natural Science
Concentration Elective +
SUNY - SS or
Choose from HIS 102, HIS 103, HIS 104, HIS 111 or 112
FOURTH SEMESTER 14-15 credits:
EDU 230 Introduction to Special Education # EDU 230 will transfer as EDI 413 Introduction to Special Education.
SUNY - A or SUNY - H SUNY Arts or SUNY Humanities Elective
Concentration Elective +
MCC-SCI MCC Scientific Reasoning Elective
Concentration Elective +

SUNY Admission Requirements
  • High School GPA of a B or better or
  • High School Rank in top 30% or
  • SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing+Math) > 1140 or
  • ACT > 24 or
  • Brockport GPA > 3.0 based on at least 12 credits or
  • Transfer GPA > 3.0 based on at least 12 credits

SUNY Brockport Requirements
  • Enrolled in one of Brockport's approved majors
  • At least 36 credit hours of college level work
  • Completion or in progress of at least 15 credits in the approved academic major with a minimum 2.5 GPA
 Link to SUNY Brockport Adolescent Education program

A grade of 'C' or higher is required in all courses unless otherwise indicated.

Grade Point Average: 3.0 GPA advised for acceptance at SUNY Brockport in Education.

Liberal Arts and Sciences - Adolescent  Education Teacher Education Transfer A.S. (EA03) will be the degree student is audited against and awarded from MCC.

Documentation Source: 2022-2023 Advisement and Transfer Services.

Updated 5/16/2022

While every effort is made to ensure accurate information, students are strongly advised to verify course transferability with the four-year institution as they will make the final determination of transfer credit.