Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency and the Human Services Worker

Designed to heighten students' awareness of substance abuse problems. Students will develop a base knowledge concerning the pharmacology of drugs, including the different types of drugs and their physiological and psychological effects. An exploration of the social response to their use will be included. Areas of social service practice to be covered include theories and models of the etiology of chemical dependency as well as tactics of prevention and treatment designed to meet client needs. (Carries MCC college credit and 45 hours N.Y.S. OASAS-approved credit.) Three class hours.


Placement at ENG 101 level.

ACD-140 Sections for Summer 2019

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ACD-140, Section SL1 — CRN #61555
3 Credit Hours — SUNY Learning Network (Online)

Elizabeth Mandly

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May 28th, 2019 – Jun 29th, 2019N/A
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Date(s) May 28th, 2019 – Jun 29th, 2019
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