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Since 2009, Monroe Community College’s President Anne M. Kress’s unique blend of special interests – global education, workforce development and preparing students for life outside MCC – have helped shape the vibrant, innovative college that exists today.

Every day, she works with an incredible team of people who are dedicated to student success and leading MCC into the future. Members of the President’s Cabinet support her by servicing the academic, administrative and social needs of the college.

A 10-member, government-appointed board of trustees helps develop policies to advance our mission. The MCC Foundation works diligently to ensure the college continues to thrive, and students have the funds needed to attend.

Professors develop unique teaching methods and build relationships with students to help them achieve their full potential. Finally, our staff supports students from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

The result? By working together, the leadership at MCC creates an environment where our students develop a love of learning and become more confident, intelligent, well-rounded people.

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MCC’s Board of Trustees

Meet our Board of Trustees

MCC’s Officers

  • Anne M. Kress, Ph.D., President
  • Andrea C. Wade, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President, Academic Services
  • Lloyd A. Holmes, Ph.D., Vice President, Student Services
  • Hezekiah N. Simmons, MBA, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Administrative Services
  • Todd M. Oldham, MBA, Ed.D., Vice President, Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services