Digital Earth

Introductory geospatial skills will be covered, including geography, as well as hands on use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), GPS, and remote sensing. Topics such as sustainability, renewable energy, and the economy will be integrated into the course through the use of GIS. One project will provide students the opportunity to use geospatial technology and real data to create original maps that begin to provide a solution to a real world problem. Prior computer knowledge such as creating, saving, deleting, and locating files on a PC, as well as preparing and printing Microsoft Word documents, using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, creating Microsoft PowerPoint slides, using e-mail and the Internet will be required to be successful in this course. A sustainability elective (GR). This is a lab course. This course fulfills the MCC requirement for a natural science elective. (SUNY-NS)

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GEG-130, Section SL1

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Jonathon Little

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Jul 8th, 2019 – Aug 10th, 2019N/A
Jul 8th, 2019 – Aug 10th, 2019N/A
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Date(s) Jul 8th, 2019 – Aug 10th, 2019
Day / Time N/A
Type Laboratory
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Date(s) Jul 8th, 2019 – Aug 10th, 2019
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