Introductory Astronomy Laboratory

This course explores the hands-on, practical applications of basic knowledge gained in the companion course, GE0 105. Exercises involve use of telescopes, observation of stars and constellations, stellar spectra, Hubble red-shift, astrophotography, and computer based exercises. Three laboratory hours. NOTE: This course only meets SUNY General Education Natural Science requirements when both GEO 105 and GEO 115 are successfully completed. (SUNY-NS) Co-requisite: GEO 105 1 Credit

GEO-115 Sections for Summer 2020

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GEO-115, Section SL1

CRN #62533
SUNY Learning Network (Online)


Jason Szymanski

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Jun 1st, 2020 – Jul 18th, 2020N/A
Type Laboratory
Location Online
Date(s) Jun 1st, 2020 – Jul 18th, 2020
Day / Time N/A
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