Introduction to Economics

A one-semester, non-technical course designed to answer questions about the economy. How and why does our market economic system work? Why is there inflation and/or unemployment and what are their remedies? How does the government influence your future economic well-being? Where are we on the business cycle? What are the causes and consequences of our growing national debt? What is the Federal Reserve and how does its monetary policy affect you and the interest rate? How is the emerging global interdependence of countries changing our economy and your life? This course will help you understand the economic environment in which you live, work, and vote. This course is not recommended as a Social Science Elective for students enrolled in A.S. programs in Business Administration or International Business. Three class hours. (SUNY-SS)

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ECO-101, Section SL1

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Sandra Kinel

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Jan 4th, 2021 – Feb 13th, 2021N/A
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Date(s) Jan 4th, 2021 – Feb 13th, 2021
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