Information Processing Fundamentals

This is an introductory course in digital computers and information processing concepts. The focus of this course will be on key components of information systems - people, software, hardware, data, and communication technologies, and how these components can be integrated and managed to create competitive advantage. Additional topics include computer terminology, networks, the Internet, numbering systems, working with operating systems that use graphical user interface (GUI) and command-line interface, algorithm and program development, pseudo code and flow charting. Students will develop professional communication skills while working in collaborative teams. Students will meet in a networked PC classroom for lab and will be assigned projects to be completed outside of class and laboratory time. Successful completion of this course with a grade of C or better is required for further progress in Computer Information Systems degree programs. Three class hours, two laboratory hours.


MTH 104 with a grade of C or better, or MCC level 8 mathematics placement.

CIS-100 Sections for Spring 2023

With the following scheduling option(s)

1 Section Offered

CIS-100, Section SL1

CRN #21857
Info Proc Fundamentals-WR
Online/Virtual Campus (asynchronous)


Patrick Miller

Scheduled Meeting Times

TypeLocationDate(s)Day / Time
Jan 23rd, 2023 – May 19th, 2023N/A
Jan 23rd, 2023 – May 19th, 2023N/A
Type Lecture
Location Online
Date(s) Jan 23rd, 2023 – May 19th, 2023
Day / Time N/A
Type Laboratory
Location Online
Date(s) Jan 23rd, 2023 – May 19th, 2023
Day / Time N/A

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