Survey of Mathematics for Technicians

A course focused on mathematical concepts needed to solve problems in technical areas. Topics include, but are not limited to: measurements; geometry; exponents; solving equations that are literal, linear, quadratic, and proportions; solving systems of two linear equations; operations on complex numbers; evaluating functions; graphs of linear, quadratic, and sinusoidal equations; trigonometry of right and oblique triangles; vectors; and applications of these topics. MTH 152 is required in various technology programs. This course does not fulfill a mathematics requirement for an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree. 4 Class hours.

MTH-152 Sections for Spring 2023

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MTH-152, Section SL1

CRN #34775
Online/Virtual Campus (asynchronous)


Kimberley Martello

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TypeLocationDate(s)Day / Time
Jan 23rd, 2023 – May 19th, 2023N/A
Type Lecture
Location Online
Date(s) Jan 23rd, 2023 – May 19th, 2023
Day / Time N/A