Intro to Political Science-WR

This course provides an overview of several of the basic areas of study in the discipline of political science. This course will focus on the nature of both domestic and global politics. This includes an investigation of the impact of politics in our everyday lives; the nature and function of politics and government; modern ideologies; political participation; the branches of government; and an analysis of the global system. (SUNY-SS)

POS-101 Sections for Spring 2023

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1 Section Offered

POS-101, Section SL1

CRN #31529
Online/Virtual Campus (asynchronous)


Joseph Scanlon

Scheduled Meeting Times

TypeLocationDate(s)Day / Time
Jan 23rd, 2023 – May 19th, 2023N/A
Type Lecture
Location Online
Date(s) Jan 23rd, 2023 – May 19th, 2023
Day / Time N/A

***Instructor permission is required to register for SLN (online) sections as of the first day of classes. No permission is necessary prior to that date. Please contact the instructor directly.***