Programming for Information Systems

This is a first course in object-oriented programming for the computer information systems student. Emphasis will be placed on problem analysis, documentation, and developing a program to meet given specifications. Topics include: classes and objects, properties and methods, variables, user-defined constants, explicit data type conversions, input validation and exception handling, calculations, sequence, selection, and repetition control structures, built-in and user-defined procedures with parameter passing, one-dimensional arrays, collections, sequential file processing, and database processing. Students will complete several coding assignments during class and lab to reinforce and apply concepts. Major programming projects will be assigned to be completed outside of lab and class. Three class hours and two lab hours.


CIS 100 or CPT 114, either with a grade of C or higher.

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CIS-200 Sections for Fall 2020

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CIS-200, Section 101 — CRN #20307
4 Credit Hours — Remote Learning

Sandra McCormack

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