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ROOM 09-169

The Optics Photonics Lab, Room 09-169, houses advanced courses such as Wave Optics, Photo Science and Laser Optics as well as the two basic Geometrical Optics courses. The lab contains seven vibration isolation tables that float on a cushion of air. These tables can be used for very precise and sensitive optical measurement lab experiments. There are also a variety of precision optical devices, fixtures and equipment including a new Zygo Verifire GPI 4" XP/D Interferometer for students to measure optical parts in order to see they meet specifications.

The lab is used to conduct experiments in Optical measurement, design and positioning, using various lasers, detectors and other high-tech optical instruments.

Applicable Courses:
OPT 131 / OPT 151 
OPT 201 / OPT 211 / OPT 231