Special Needs

The Homeland Security Management Institute (HSMI) of Monroe Community College is committed to educating and preparing all citizens in emergency preparedness.

Persons with disabilities are not unlike anyone else living in New York communities.  HSMI encourages everyone to prepare for both evacuation and for sheltering in place. However, depending on the individual’s needs, a preparedness plan for a person with disabilities may need to include provisions for support networks, adaptive equipment, service animals, effective communications, accessible transportation and other individual needs. Emergency support networks consist of friends, relatives and aides who know where the person with special needs is, what assistance he or she needs, and resources required to assist them.

On this page you will find helpful videos and links specifically tailored for various special populations. Please contact HSMI if you have questions or require further assistance at 585-753-3921 or by email at hsmi@monroecc.edu.

Americans with disabilities video
Americans with Disabilities Video
Older Americans Video
Older Americans Video
Ready Pets Video
Ready Pets Video
General Emergency Preparedness Video Part 1
General Emergency Preparedness Video Part 1
General Emergency Preparedness Video Part 2
General Emergency Preparedness Video Part 2
General Emergency Preparedness Video Part 3
General Emergency Preparedness Video Part 3
General Emergency Preparedness Video Part 4
General Emergency Preparedness Video Part 4
Shelter In Place Video 1
Shelter In Place Video 1
Shelter In Place Video 2
Shelter In Place Video 2