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Training Seminars

HSMI develops customized courses and programs to meet the specific needs of your business, organization or group. For further information contact HSMI or call us at (585) 753-3921.

Fire Extinguisher

Portable Fire Extinguishing Training - Per OSHA regulations and standards (29 CFR 1910.157) employers who provide portable fire extinguishers for employee use are required to have fire extinguisher training upon initial employment and then annually. This hands on training will provide employees with the general principles of portable fire extinguisher use, the hazards involved and will show you how to reduce the risks associated with this costly killer.

Satisfy your yearly OSHA requirements with our on-site class. Our training program uses the latest state of the art equipment and professional fire service instructors. The classroom portion can be delivered online or at your site by our instructors. It also includes hands on exercises using a fire extinguisher on controlled burns.(E-mail for next available class.)

hands in prayer

Active Shooter Awareness - This seminar is intended to focus on common police response procedures. Course topics covered include typical police response, plans and needs, a basic understanding of what an active shooter crisis is, how law enforcement can assist in preparing an organization for these types of incidents, and assisting with an organization plans.

Active Shooter Intermediate - A table-top exercise. This seminar will focus on the response phase of an active shooter incident. It is intended to test the participants emergency response capabilities and develop working relationships during an incident. (It is recommended that the participants complete the Active Shooter Awareness course.)

(E-mail for next available class.)