Paramedic Testing & Grading

animation of patient receiving chest compressions

The MCC EMT-Paramedic Program is academically intense. All testing in the first half of the year is done with "open ended questions". These open ended questions are answered essay style and allow the student to develop the communication, writing, and spelling skills necessary for the practicing paramedic. This method allows the students to demonstrate knowledge that they have learned outside the classroom. It is our philosophy to give credit for correct knowledge of the science. Open ended testing allows the instructor to evaluate the understanding and thought process used by the student to award credit and aid in correcting inaccurate knowledge. As the year progresses, we will increase the use of multiple choice questions to prepare the student for the NYS DOH Certification Exam.

To evaluate the student's progress throughout the certification program, the faculty will use four types of assessment. These are quizzes, exams, midterm and final exam. A quiz given at the start of almost every class accounts for 20% of the students running total or cumulative average. Students must pass each quiz with a 75% or better. Failing an individual quiz will require the student to retake the quiz until it is passed or three attempts have been made. The student may still remain in the program, but the first grade will always remain in the records.

Periodically, full examinations will be given. Approximately 8 exams will be given through out the certification program and will account for 40% of the students cumulative average. Exam dates will be posted in the reading handout given to each student at the start of the year. These exams emphasize the material most recently covered but by the nature of the certification program curriculum are comprehensive. Students will have two attempts to pass each exam with a grade of 75% or better to remain in the program. Failing the retest will result in failure of the certification program. The midterm and final are comprehensive exams that account for much of the students cumulative average.

The midterm will account for 40% of the cumulative average. At the end of the academic year the final exam will be averaged 50/50 with the cumulative average giving the grand average. The student must have a cumulative average of 75% or better to take the final exam. The student must also pass the final exam with a 75% or better to be allowed to take the NYS DOH exam.

During the year MCC Paramedic Students are encouraged to take on extra projects such as attending educational seminars, conducting a field study, researching EMS topics, teaching other health care providers, etc. If the student can demonstrate this "above and beyond the call of education" the student will be granted a 2 point addition to their grand average. No student will receive a final grand average above 100%.

If the final grand average > 100 then the final grand average = 100

MCC EMT-Paramedic Description of Grade Calculation
Quizzes 20 %
Exams 40 %
Midterm 40 %
+ _____
Cumulative Average 100 %
Cumulative Average 50 %
Final Exam 50 %
+ _____
Grand Average 100 %
Grand Average 100 %
Bonus 2 points (if earned)
+ _____
Final Grand Average
If the final grand average > 100, then the final grand average = 100