Student Quotes

Q. What is the single most important thing your service-learning experience did for you?

A. I feel it can give students a better understanding on giving back to the community and helping others.

A. It boosted my confidence.

A. As an Education student it gave me a much greater appreciation for what a teacher has to go through with lesson preparation and classroom management.

A. It helped me realize that I am important and have something to offer.

Q. Will you be taking a service-learning course again?

A. Yes, not only is it nice to contribute to the community, but service-learning provides a more memorable and valuable learning experience with real life examples.

Q. What were the main benefits of doing this service-learning program?

A. Poverty and inadequate education were impacted by this experience because we were able to provide a service to students that their own schools were unable to provide.

A. One important problem the community is facing is "at risk" homes that was helped by my service-learning. This experience made an impact on this problem by offering my time and knowledge to those in need and giving them opportunities to succeed in life.

A. Children are not getting the help needed in the classroom. Because I offered to give extra help to students, they now have the help they neeed to get ahead or keep up with the others.

Other general comments:

  • It is so important to be out in the real world. Theories are just that, theories. Applying them to real life is essential to having a deep understanding of a concept.
  • It was a great experience and a great thing to see.
  • It helps you learn about being a leader.
  • I had a great time and I'm glad I had the opportunity to participate in a service-learning course.
  • I think more service learning should be given in other classes