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Monroe Community College
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Robert Kennedy retired as a Police Lieutenant for the City of Rochester, NY Police Department in August 2003 to become a full time member of the Monroe Community College Department Law and Criminal Justice faculty. Mr. Kennedy became an Adjunct Instructor for the Monroe Community College Department of Law & Criminal Justice in 1996.

Mr. Kennedy graduated from the State University College at Fredonia, NY in 1973 with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in History and Political Science. He obtained his Master's Degree in Public Administration from the State University of New York at Brockport in 1998.

Mr. Kennedy began his law enforcement career 1974 when he joined the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department as a police/fire dispatcher. In August 1975 he joined the Village of Arcade, NY Police Department as a Police Officer. He was the first person to hold the rank of Sergeant, being promoted in 1977, and was promoted to the position of Chief of Police in 1979. He served in that position until 1986, when he laterally transferred to Rochester. He joined the Rochester Police Department (RPD) as a Police Officer, was promoted to Sergeant in 1988, and to Lieutenant in 1995.

In addition to his patrol duties in the RPD, Lt. Kennedy also worked in the Professional Development Section (PDS). He instructed both Basic Recruit Officer training as well as In-Service training. He was certified as an Unarmed Defensive Tactics Instructor, and a General Topics Police Instructor.

One part of Monroe Community College is The Public Safety Training Facility (PSTF). This is the New York State certified police training academy for this training zone. Lt. Kennedy regularly instructed the following courses at the PSTF:
    • Basic Course for Police Officers:
      • Defensive Tactics - including PR-24 and Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol
      • Conflict Management
      • Domestic Violence
      • Report Writing
      • Preliminary Investigations
      • Filed Notes
      • Role-play simulations
    • Field Training & Evaluation (FT&E): This is training veteran officers receive so they can properly train and evaluate recruit officer. The recruit police officers must successfully complete the field-training phase immediately after the Basic Academy.
      • Role of the Field Training Officer (FTO)
      • FTO as a Trainer
      • As a Police Officer he served as an FTO for recruit police officers. As a Police Sergeant he oversaw FT&E program in his patrol section and reported to the Field Training & Evaluation Administrator.
    • Instructor Development School: This is training for police officers to become certified as General Topics Instructors.
      • Role of the Instructor
      • Evaluation of Training
    • Course in Police Supervision: This is the New York State mandated training for first-line supervisors.
      • Role of the Supervisor
      • Effective Supervision
      • Lt. Kennedy was selected for four different classes to serve as a Supervisor Class Counselor, the officer in charge of the class.
On June 1, 2002 Lt. Kennedy was assigned as the Commanding Officer of the Professional Development Section. He reported directly to the Deputy Chief of Organizational Development and Administration. He supervised the following units:
    • Backgrounds & Recruitment Unit
    • Recruit and Field Training Officer Unit
    • Firearms Training Unit
    • In-Service Training Unit
    • Media Productions Unit
    • Volunteer Services
Mr. Kennedy also teaches criminal justice courses for Keuka College in their Accelerated Studies for Adults Program.

Mr. Kennedy has worked for BowMac Educational Service where he traveled to different communities to teach their course on “Problem Solving and Project Planning”, part of their Community Policing focus.

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