Pathways to MCC and Strong Foundations.

Two exciting grant-funded programs!

Pathways to MCC offers individuals who have not graduated from high school, or earned a high school equivalency diploma, the opportunity to earn 24 college credits toward the NYS HSE diploma. It typically takes 2 semesters to complete. Successful students may apply those credits toward a degree or certificate program at MCC with the ability to apply for federal financial aid.

Strong Foundations is a full semester program in developmental math and English. Strong Foundations ESOL is a full semester program in ESL with an optional developmental math component. These programs help students build their skills to better prepare them for college level math and English. 

MCC offers an array of supports for Pathways to MCC and Strong Foundations students to help them succeed, including a student advocate who coordinates services.

For more information, please email Pathways to MCC or email Strong Foundations.

Pathways to MCC FAQs:

  • How much does Pathways to MCC cost?
    Pathways to MCC is funded by a generous grant from the ESL Federal Credit union, so students can earn their high school equivalency diploma without paying tuition or fees.
  • Am I eligible?
    To be eligible, individuals must be New York State residents for at least 1 year and may not have already received a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma.
  • Do I need to take a placement test?
    Most students can be placed into math and English classes using their high school transcript. If no transcript is available, the student will need to take a placement test.
  • What happens if I need help with math and English before I take college classes?
    Strong Foundations, another program funded by the ESL FCU grant, is like a boot camp in math and English. It is a one semester program to help students build skills before taking credit bearing math and English courses.