College Directory

Career and Transfer Center

R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center
Brighton Campus

Building 3, Room 108
Phone Number: 292-2248

Staff Listing

NamePhone #E-Mail
BELLE-ISLE, G. CHRISTOPHER, Director292-2270
MAYO, MICHELLE , Assoc. Director292-2370
WYNN-PREISCHE, HOLLY , Associate Director292-2275
WATERS, JOANNA , Secretary292-2271
SWEET, SHERRY , Secretary292-2368
RICHARDSON, ROBIN , Receptionist292-3161
BAXTER, KATHLEEN A., 2+2 Coordinator292-3101
HUGHES, ANNE , Career Counselor292-3157
KULL, CHRISTIAN , Transfer Counselor292-2369
LAZIO, PAMELA , Career Counselor292-3156
MACK, REBECCA , Transfer Counselor292-3155

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