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Black Student Union at Downtown Campus Rocks the Vote 2017!!

Black Student Union at Downtown Campaign hosted Rock the Vote 2017, a voter engagement celebration on Monday, November 6. This event was the final in a semester-long drive to inform, recruit, and engage voters during the 2017 election season. Other activities included a voter recruitment drive and consistent promotion of voting-related materials at meetings and other events. For the second year in a row, Rock the Vote highlighted Black elected officials and candidates in our community. All parties involved, including the students and the politicians, were encouraged by their interactions with each other. It was an amazing time!

Political Attendees:

Lovely A. Warren, Mayor

Loretta Scott, City Council President, Candidate

Malik Evans, RCSD School Board Commissioner/ City Council Candidate

Natalie Sheppard, RCSD School Board Commissioner Elect

Willie J. Lightfoot Jr., City Council Candidate

Vince Felder, Monroe County Legislator

Kesha Carter, Gates Town Board, Candidate

Lori Thomas, Mayoral Candidate


BSU Officers

Carlmella Clark, President

Timothy McKnight, Vice President

Marcella Davis, Secretary

Ta’kara King, Events Coordinator

Tokeya C. Graham, Advisor

Attached Files:

Graham, Tokeya