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Making MCC an Even More Bicycle Friendly University

For all MCC Cyclists (Students, Faculty, and Staff)--Curtesy of the MCC Cycling Council and MCC's Sustainability Steering Committee, a floor pump with a pressure gauge, patches, and a bike repair stands are now available for anyone cycling to and/or from the Brighton Campus.

The pump is located in Office 4-104 (on Jim's desk) and can be accessed by locating one of these five Cycling Council members; Jim Downer 4-104, Jason Flack 4-106, Kathy Farrell 4-136, Jason Smith 12-223C, or Kevin Simmons 4-107. See office doors for locations and/or availability (don't forget to knock). We'll do our best to accommodate and help fix your flat too. If the listed Cycling Council members are unavailable, contact MCC security to provide access to 4-104.

Tools Available,
• Bicycle Tire Patch/Repair Kits
• Two Tire Levers
• An Adjustable Wrench
• Two Bicycle Repair Stands

--Jim Downer, Steersman of the MCC Cycling Council

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bike and that's pretty close."

Downer, James
Visual and Performing Arts