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Blackboard Learn: Course Menu 101: Course Organization Training Workshop


Faculty who have successfully completed the ANGEL to Blackboard Migration Series

Faculty who have successfully completed the online training course = Level1: Non– Interactive (Web Enhanced )

Introducing our second Blackboard Workshop:  Course Menu 101: Course Organization. 

You may want to rethink your existing Blackboard course structure after this workshop!  For this workshop we are focusing on four videos from our Level 1 online training (21 minutes total viewing time) and two topics to give you a refresher on three common course organization strategies for implementing your course content in a meaningful way.  You can review step by step instructions on creating Content Areas, Folders, Learning Modules and links to web locations, course content and course tools your students will need to succeed.

We are ‘flipping’  this workshop.  Participants will review the videos and help topics first (it is a pre-requisite of the face-to-face class).  After this review, you may have exactly what you need to restructure your Blackboard course content in a meaningful way.  If you still feel the face-to-face class would benefit you, please register for a class at HYPERLINK ""  Registration for the face-to-face class is required since class sizes are small (6 to a class).  We will review the same topic list in the first hour of the face-to-face class, and will reserve the last ½ hour of the class as question/answer time (optional). 

The attached document contains the topic list, the link to the videos, the face-to-face session description and the list of dates and times the series is offered in October and November. 

As always, you can visit the Faculty Innovation Center for Blackboard support at Brighton Campus M-F from 9-3 and Damon Campus every Wednesday from 9:15 to 4:15.

As a reminder, our first workshop: Grade Center 101 still has many seats available. Registration is also open for our Blackboard Level One fully online training geared toward faculty new to MCC and/or new to Blackboard.  This Level One session will certify new faculty in your department to Web Enhance an existing face-to-face course. 

For all of our Blackboard Training opportunities, please visit the Online Learning “For Faculty” training and support  web page

The Office of Online Learning Team

Marie Gibson
Instructional Technologies: Office of Online Learning

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