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Student Employment Assignments

Timekeepers Re: Student Employment

I.  All non-Federal Work Study student employment assignments will be turned off at the end of the fiscal year August 31, 2011. A Student Aide Authorization form should be completed for all students being charged to your 2011/2012 budget. Student Aide Authorization Forms are available on the Web via MCC Forms On-Line/Human Resources/Student Aide Authorization.  

II. Student Aide Authorization forms should be completed with the assignment end date of any students who will not be on your 2011/2012 budget.

III. If you will be looking for new student aides for the fall, please call Cynthia Clark Inman @ x2048. We will place your position description on the list we maintain to be given to students seeking employment and also on MCC’s People Admin jobsite.

IV. When you hire NEW student employees that will be charged to your department budget, (not Federal Work Study student aides through the Financial Aid Office) you will complete an authorization form and they must come to the Human Resources Office BEFORE they start working to complete their payroll forms so they can get paid.

If you have any questions on student employment, please call Cynthia at x2048.

Cynthia Clark Inman
Human Resources