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Faculty Experts

DID YOU KNOW that of the seven regular panelists on WXXI radio’s 1370 Connection, three are MCC faculty members? That says a lot about the expertise among our faculty. (If you are wondering, they are Tom Proietti, Visual and Performing Arts; Kathy Bromley, Business Administration/Economics; and Joe Marchese, Business Administration/Economics.)

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The winner of two tickets to the MCC Foundation’s Salute to Excellence is Phyllis Schirano of the DCC Executive Dean’s Office. Phyllis quickly and correctly responded to a Did You Know pop quiz, thereby earning a chance to win the tickets. Congratulations, Phyllis and enjoy the Salute on Dec. 12 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center!

Many thanks to the MCC Foundation for providing Salute tickets.

Cynthia Cooper
College and Community Relations