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Reminder to check your Life Insurance Beneficiary

This is a friendly reminder that the new year is a good time to make sure that your Life Insurance Beneficiaries are up to date.  If there has been a change in your life situation that might affect your choice of beneficiary for your life insurance plans, please check to make sure you have updated them with both your Hartford Life Insurance plan with MCC (if you chose to enroll in it), and with your pension plan.  Call the HR Office at 292-2048 to check on your Hartford plan. 

To check on your pension plan beneficiary, the number for the NYS Employees Retirement System is 1-866-805-0990, the NYS Teachers Retirement is 1-800-348-7298, and the number for TIAA-Cref is 1-800-842-2776. 

Karen Rheinheimer
Human Resources